Sacred space

Our home interiors and decor greatly influence how we think. Feel. Behave.

Our surroundings create a frame for the landscape of our lives.

Luckily, what is included in the artwork of ‘us’ can be chosen.

And wonderfully, what can be removed from our lives is also self determined.

Its often long standing patterns and habits that make us forget we have a choice.

Whilst this familiarity creates a sense of security. Living within what we know. It can become stifling and erode our desire for growth and change. 

It’s liberating to remember this. That we can choose. To begin the soft revolution back to self. 


Rituals of Joy

When living in home interiors that we just love and adore we create the ability to cultivate rituals of joy in our everyday moments. This is powerful. Yet so very simple.

We can awaken our senses and begin to embody all of our sacred selves. Move from just existing to again thriving. Our homes become sensual spaces. A place to embody and express all that we are. We begin to experience the most divine holistic sensuality.

The sensations we feel when moving around our homes is influenced by many factors. One is by aesthetics, such as colour and texture.  Another is our personal values, such as equity and transparency. Also, the composition of a room is important to flow.

When this awareness around choice and happiness is highlighted, it provides permission to review and assess how you experience your everyday. To then allow yourself to become present in your moments and slowly begin to feel into you. Your wants, needs and desires.


Soft inquiry

What are some of the questions to begin to ask yourself?

1 – Do I still enjoy this?

2 – What feelings does this conjure?

3 – Does this still honour who I am today?

4 – Does this still meet my needs?

5 – Does this align with my values?


Divine pieces

Sensate Me curates a divine range of interior pieces for your home decor that honours both yours and the creators experience.  We ensure transparency with the creation processes for our product range. We search the world to find you pieces that are ethical, sustainable, organic, hand made and fairtrade. Whilst also being so very very beautiful to use and place around you. 

So, when the item is bought into your home there is full enjoyment and satisfaction knowing you are enhancing your day while supporting another.  The creator. 

This transforms your daily experience by creating more abundance and joy.

Join us on this journey for more. xx