Defining Sensuality

As women we are so often subjected to definitions of sensuality and pleasure that feel restrictive. When challenged to really acknowledge what sensuality means to us, we can find it hard to bring our truth to the surface.

And it’s little wonder why. We are inundated with images of sensuality and pleasure which are one-dimensional and shallow. Many messages fail to align with how we feel about our own sacred selves. We witness a disconnect between what we know to be our unique truth and what society tells us.

That unique truth? We cannot be reduced to a restrictive narrative that demands we hide parts of ourselves for the comfortability of others. After all, we are beautifully complex beings. And this means that simplicity is often not our innate experience.

Femininity is rich and diverse. And with this, our experiences of sensuality and pleasure are similarly expansive.

That’s why Sensate Me is dedicated to furthering the conversation around these experiences, to create a narrative that truly encompasses and empowers all women. Exactly where they are right now, in each and every moment.

We want to support your journey back to yourself. That means acknowledging and celebrating your true self and recognising your experiences, your emotions and your senses as valid and powerful. Soft and expansive revolution is birthed here.



So lovely one, what can holistic sensuality and pleasure look like? What can this journey back to self entail?

For us, it all starts with reconnecting all of your own glorious senses. To begin to sense your own divine moments once again. Awakening to who you are are, right here and now. Exploring and expressing your being without fear or apology.

We ask that you shift your focus from the external and focus on the internal to honour your own experiences of pleasure. Then, and only then, you can have the capacity to embody all of your reclaimed self. Things can flow with ease and grace.

When you make space for moments of soft flow you are able to truly connect with yourself, while also becoming courageous enough to sit with whatever that brings.

You are then able to feel the sensuality in your everyday moments. Pleasure becomes a constant sensation and not something distant and hard to attain.

You will begin to experience it as:

  • The cool caress of soft fabric on your skin
  • The sip of exquisite tea
  • The sweetness of a long-savoured chocolate
  • The stroke of a gorgeous fountain pen on a journal page
  • The aromas of sublime essential oils
  • The curve of a gorgeous silver bangle
  • The sound of silence deep in a meditation practice.



Wonderfully, when you expand your understanding of what sensuality can look and feel like, your senses become fully awakened and yearn for more. You can begin to see moments of softness and space within your day. You can seek out ways to expand these moments, to savour them, and to consciously create them.

We’re here to support you to do exactly that and we too are on our own sensuality journeys.

We are honoured that you are here.

Join us on this journey for more. xx