Soft Revolution

When we set out to create Sensate Me, we knew we wanted to impact the lives of women. We wanted to create a community of women who lived their power. We believe that a woman lives with a newfound sense of freedom and abundance when she has activated and embodies all of her divine self. 

In a world where we are taught to take up less space, a woman who gives herself permission for pleasure is a soft yet powerful revolution in motion. When we refuse to apologise for our potency and power, we demand more for ourselves.

But the truly transformative thing? We demand more for all women.

That is why we ensure that our products are ethically sourced and produced, enabling you to honour yourself and the maker.


Sharing Skills, Knowledge and Wisdom

For us, there is nothing more powerful than women journeying together. 

That’s why we created Sensate Me in a way that supports meaningful connection with others. We have brought together an incredible network of like-minded women, who are each on their own journey of abundance and freedom. 

With tremendous expertise across a wide variety of fields, our Sensate Circle members are committed to living lives of intention and truly expanding the definition of what it means to be an empowered, sensual woman in today’s world. 

It is our vision to harness their collective experience to bring greater depth to the value we offer you. Sharing our collective skill, experience and wisdom. Celebrating our imperfect evolutions. Letting our soul whispers to be heard. Allowing full expression of our divine being.

The Sensate Circle is testament to the feminine power of community, connection and meaning. May it serve you on your journey, as it does on ours. Why not find our more about our Sensate Circle as we are here with you. 

Join us on this journey for more and don’t hesitate contact the  Sensate Circle. xx