permission for pleasure for all women

We have created Sensate Me for women to cultivate sensual, beautiful moments of softness and space, so we can honour what really matters most – ourselves.​

Sensate Me provides permission to safely explore your innate self and your holistic sensuality, which allows an inner voice and curiosity to emerge. We have created an online space where you can have a more expansive conversation about pleasure and how it encompasses all of your being and senses.

Here, we can stage a soft revolution that is gentle, iterative, considered and vulnerable. Sensuality is different for every woman – this is a space where you can journey and explore what your holistic sensuality means to you.

Our products, musings and Sensate Circle all centre on honouring all of the senses, supporting the journey, and creating the place to expand the experience of pleasure, abundance, connection and meaning.

Be it through rituals of joy such as aromatherapy, gorgeous clothing, a journaling practice, a relaxing tea, or delicious body elixirs, we believe that a woman is most empowered when she connects to her holistic sensuality and commits to her own evolution. When she awakens to all that is possible and celebrates her worthiness.



Journey with us to your sacred self

We are wanting women to consciously understand and celebrate our innate potential for holistic sensuality and pleasure.

Sensate Me takes you on the journey to your own sacred self. Provides the opportunity to go within, offers permission to source your own truth, and then discover what is right for you. This is the journey inward to understand what you really want, rather than looking outward for answers.

Our products, musings or Sensate Circle are about cultivating soft moments, enabling you to come back to you gently, and on your own terms.  This is a gentle revolution back to your own self. The Sensate Me journey is experienced by sensing where you are, awakening to what is, exploring your surroundings, expressing your reclaimed being and embodying your divine self.

We honour your unique journey. We support you in taking gentle steps back to reclaiming yourself, your sensuality and your pleasure to:

  • embody yourself and life again
  • become all that you can be
  • feel more vibrant and alive
  • experience more pleasure in everyday
  • feel more joy in the simplest moments
  • be making conscious choices about who you are and what you want in your life



we yearn for something more

We believe it time for a new narrative around sensuality and pleasure – a soft revolution for women to reclaim their being and their life.

So often women numb their innate desires and wishes to continue performing in our expected roles.

We feel fragmented and scattered, then selfish about giving ourselves time and space for personal reflection and pleasure.  We constantly disown who we are. Run ourselves ragged trying to attain the impossible. We are bombarded with messaging around perfectionism – of body, mind, spirit, relationships, family and lifestyle.  We slip into the eternal yearning for the “mirage” that is not attainable or possible.

Our truth is there is a huge disparity between reality and these perfectionistic ideals. We, literally, cut ourselves into pieces trying to fit the standard – unless we live up to it we are not acceptable to ourselves or others. When we realise we’re not ever going to be able to attain that standard of perfection we can experience a deep and corrosive sadness. Then we are told we should not feel hurt, or talk about this pain. Additionally, if we dare to expose our anguish we are further shamed.

All this externalisation of our worth so dishonours our innate self. Our true being. Our inner knowing.

It’s time for something more. It’s time to give women permission to honour themselves as unique and sacred beings It’s time for a new narrative around sensuality and pleasure for women – where women feel they can step into their divine selves softly, safely and with pleasure.

We looked around and saw women seeking expressions of feminine power that felt soft and expansive and considered.  We saw women tire of sensuality as being depicted as something rigid and one-dimensional.

Sensate Me was born from the desire for something more. We aim to expand the conversation for women on their unique value that is sourced from within.  We provide a connective space for women to explore what is most sacred to them.  We let women decide what is meaningful so she can cultivate true inner abundance. We allow her inner voice and soul whispers emerge.

Women get to choose what their inner and outer expression of themselves looks and feels like. We expand women’s understanding of how holistic sensuality and pleasure can be experienced within herself.  We shed the punishing illusion of unrealistic expectations of self and others.  Then she lives fully embodied in her reclaimed self.

We’re so honoured and delighted to share this journey with you. xx




  • We do not need permission to feel pleasure, from anyone but ourselves.
  • We refuse to apologise for our potency and our power.
  • We demand more. For ourselves, for the people we love, and for the women of the world.



  • We hold space for our own and others’ imperfect evolution.
  • We are open to the joyful energy of exploration.
  • We yield to our pleasure and our pain as the hallmarks of an awakened, fully lived life.
  • We connect with others to cultivate a richer meaning to our lives.



  • We honour our uniqueness, our wholeness and our worthiness.
  • We release burdens of expectation, obligation and shame.
  • We know we are enough. No matter where we start, we already have what we need.