Honouring Your Holistic Sensuality

Exploring our sensuality and pleasure in holistic, powerful ways is a practice and a journey. A deliberate one at that.

At times, truly prioritising our own pleasure and allowing ourselves to explore in the space of abundance, freedom and intimacy does not come naturally.

So we suggest allowing ourselves to sit with the discomfort. To immerse in the challenge of connecting back to ourselves. Even when it’s hard. Its confronting to resist the pull of what society tells us who we should be. The quiet, yet powerful messages that we should please others while negating ourselves.


Cultivating gorgeous moments

We believe that this journey starts in cultivating simple, softer moments throughout our day. When we create the conditions and space for holistic sensuality, we give ourselves the gift of intention.

The cool caress of beautiful silk. The sip of exquisite tea. The sweetness of a long-savoured chocolate.  The aromas of sublime essential oils. The flowing curve of a gorgeous silver bangle sliding up and down your arm. The sound of silence deep in a meditation practice. This is holistic sensuality.

Holistic sensually is about activating, experiencing and honouring all of our senses and creating moments of conscious pleasure.

We must begin by sensing these moments. Once we recognise them for what they can be, we can reclaim them. Once we reclaim them, we can seek out ways to explore, express and truly embody them.


We Now Choose

When we choose holistic sensuality as a practice, we can expect more abundance and joy. We feel into our sacred being and honour what that self desires. Our worth becomes our own again and no longer a silent piece of ourselves we simply give away.  This self awareness develops more independence and allows us to journey deeper without fear or apology.

We begin to nurture a culture where each woman’s unique contribution is seen and valued. Honouring all individual expressions of what it means to be women. We seek out and turn to women who are also searching for connection and meaning.

We begin to make conscious decisions about our life. Our moments. Our experiences. We acknowledge that as divine beings we require a balance of play, rest, action and pleasure. We decide that innate complexities add to the richness of human experience.

We start to honour the soft revolution back to ourselves and each other.



The journey back to oneself is not without challenge. It is constantly evolving. But with intention, we can gently reconnect to our senses. We can cultivate pleasure in our everyday moments, of softness and stillness and space.

Take time each day to cultivate joy and abundance.  Ask your self  simple questions so you can hear your soul whispers. What do you feel? What do you want? What do you need to release? What do you want to create?

See how the answers come softly, gently, but surely. Now, see how they begin to change your life. It is an incredible gift, this consciousness of ours. Let’s give ourselves permission to fully explore.


Journeying together

There is so much nourishment in journeying with others that have felt through themselves, who can then authentically see and witness yours.

It’s why we so adore our Sensate Circle. The Sensate Circle members are committed to living lives of intention and truly expanding the definition of what it means to be an empowered, sensual woman in today’s world.

It is our vision to harness their collective experience to bring greater depth to the value we offer you. Sharing our collective skill, experience and wisdom. Celebrating our imperfect evolutions. Letting our inner desires be heard. Allowing the expression of our divine being. The full embodiment of our holistic sensuality. This is the journey back to the innate self. 

We are so honoured you are here with us. 

Join us on this journey for more. xx