For us, there is nothing more powerful than women coming together in union. Sharing stories of celebration and struggle. Honouring our imperfect evolutions.

Sensate Me was developed to support meaningful connections. So we brought together an incredible network of women who are each on their own journey of abundance and freedom.

Sharing our collective skill, knowledge and wisdom. Letting our soul whispers be heard. Allowing full expression for all divine women.



The Sensate Circle is a group of gorgeous women that have all extensively journeyed their own path to healing.  Each are committed to full embodiment of thought and action.

They are part of the soft revolution back to self by expanding the definition of what it means to be an empowered, sensual woman in today’s world.

It is our vision to harness their collective experience to bring even greater depth and value to our Sensate Me community. You will find a richness of insight from our Sensate Circle, all guided by the members unique professional skills and personal lived experience.



Wonderfully, you can immediately reach out to these amazing women and ask specific questions relating to their areas of expertise.

Choose a Sensate Circle member that you feel could further your journey. Then note her name and your question in the form below.

Both the question and answer will be anonymously placed in our Sensate Me updates and social media. How gorgeous to have this honouring community for us all to learn and grow.

The Sensate Me Circle is testament to the feminine power of community and connection. We hope it serves you on your journey, as it does on ours.

If you require immediate assistance please contact support services in your local area.

Emily Fong

Artist, Visual Creator

Emily exudes creative energy, bringing an exciting perspective to our Sensate Me Circle. Emily draws on a diverse range of artistic disciplines, with drawing as her core form of expression. Her current and ongoing body of work is brought together through a rigorous exploration of the container and what it means to be contained, from how we experience our bodies to how we experience time and space itself. Emily also loves to connect with artists on all levels as she believes in building creative communities.  She adores running regular workshops and opens her studio for interested visitors.

Sarah sadie

Certified Creativity Coach, Teacher, Writer, Poet

Sarah is the founder of Odonata, a source of creative respite and inspiration. She is a published and awarded poet with several books available, and was Madison, Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate from 2012-2015. Sarah teaches, coaches and facilitates a variety of classes, groups, retreats and opportunities for women and men to recover their magic by tapping into their creativity. She is passionate about helping her clients find the time, space, courage, permission and community to do their best work and live their true calling.

JenNIFER Ramsey

Intuitive business, branding and lead generation strategist for female entrepreneurs

Jen is on a mission to create a movement of conscious, creative, action-taking entrepreneurs who say yes to themselves and their business. She supports businesses to connect their skills and genius with a powerful solution for their clients, resulting in targeted conversions and aligned offerings.

With 20 years experience in marketing, communications, brand development and facilitation from corporates to start-ups, Jen knows how to build and scale a successful, thriving and purpose-driven business. She is also a qualified masters results coach and NFP & hypnosis practitioner.

Raquel Dubois

Somatic Trauma Psychotherapist and Nervous System Specialist 

Raquel is a nervous system specialist who uses mind-body-medicine to help her clients experience wholeness from within. She uses her knowledge of science, psychology, energy and the physical body to facilitate transformations for women who are seeking the missing piece. For women who identify as ‘seekers’ on a path, Raquel teaches a unique ‘way of being’ that brings alignment, acceptance and peace, and empowers them to get more visible and share their gifts with the world. The journey Raquel takes them on is one that has to be ‘felt’, and can’t be ‘understood’ with the mind.

Debbi Carberry

Professional and Relational Coach and Clinical Social Worker

Debbi is a experienced relationship coach, with a unique therapeutic model that supports her clients to completely reevaluate how they show up in the significant relationships in their lives. Using experience-based, solutions-focused strategies to resolve disconnection and miscommunication, she prides herself on her direct, non-judgemental approach to coaching. Debbi’s expertise gently examines the blocks that hold us back from being fully engaged in our friend, family or romantic relationships.

Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Coach

Isiah is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Coach who has been helping women and couples discover deeper intimacy and desire for over a decade. Her mission is to inspire love and passion through great sex and better relationships. Isiah is compassionate, understanding and absolutely non-judgemental. She’s built her reputation on assisting her clients live happier, more connected lives.

Vanessa Sumner

Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Body Talk Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Crystal Therapist

Vanessa has a diverse array of talents when it comes to healing. Her work is deeply attuned to energy and spirit, as she has expertise as an energy healer, psychic medium and crystal therapist. Vanessa is an intuitive mentor who is committed to living in service of others and sharing Ancient wisdom and divine guidance. She is a committed Body Talk practitioner, which involves cutting edge energy medicine and the synchronisation of the physical and energetic functions that make up your body and mind.