Conversation with the Sensate Circle

We created the Sensate Circle because we believe we do not have to journey alone. We’ve brought together honouring women, who are on journeys just like yours and are committed to generously sharing their diverse skills and wisdom with you.

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‘I’ve discovered a block around a fear of truly being seen. It stems from the past and it is impacting my ability to be open and to trust now. How do I start to heal this part of myself?’


The honouring conversation begins

Karen Geddis – Intuitive Mindset Mentor

I want to start by saying that awareness is our greatest power, and the stories we add to the awareness can often times detract from that power, so I would love to encourage you, beautiful woman, to soften the story:

‘I have an awareness of a fear of truly being seen and the fact that I’m aware of it means it is dissolving now,’ instead of talking about a block and where it came from and attaching all that energy of lack of visibility to it (can you feel the difference?).

Often when we are telling the story of something needing healing we keep ourselves apart from the thing that will bring the healing. Look for evidence of where you are not afraid to be seen, and bring that into your stories while you allow your inner guidance to point you in the direction of the path to healing.

I always work on, ‘I have asked for release from this fear in whatever form necessary, and I’ll know the path to healing when I see it. In the meantime, where am I displaying a lack of this fear in my actions? In what areas in my life am I already not afraid to be truly seen?’ There can be layers and layers to fears, so be gentle with yourself, acknowledging that you’ve taken a step, and that you will be guided to having this fear fully released at the perfect time for you.

Sensate Me

Beautiful reframe, which really alters the energy of the experience. Thank you gorgeous Karen is supporting us all with your wisdoms.


Sarah Sadie – Certified Creativity Coach, Teacher, Writer, Poet

I love what Karen says about softening the story and being gentle with yourself. I want to add that you are not alone! So many of us share a fear of being seen, a fear of vulnerability. This is a natural enough response for humans–we don’t have shells or exoskeletons, after all!

And yet, moving towards and into that vulnerability, daring and sharing ourselves, is a part of living fully into the world. As a poet, I at first thought I could overcome my own fear and vulnerability by appearing perfect. When I gave a reading, I practiced ahead of time for days…no syllable was out of place–I even timed my pauses for drinking water! But I learned, after a while, that a practiced, glossy perfection actually repels and prevents true connection, and was, again, me getting in my own way.

In Kaizen-Muse coaching we often start with a small question…how would it feel to take one small step towards being seen? (And when I say small, I mean eensy-beensy, like, posting a question to the Sensate-Me circle. See? You are already taking steps. Brava!)

The other idea I want to offer you is to close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine what it will feel like to be over the fear completely. You already contain this information deep inside. To feel that sensation rise up and through you, deeply and fully into and throughout your body, in your imagination, is to take another step towards realising it, and drawing yourself out into the world.

Sensate Me

That constructed shell of perfectionism does create such distance from true connection and just a lovely exercise to shift us further. Grateful for your response Sarah.


Vanessa Sumner – Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Body Talk Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Crystal Therapist

I have been working with a lot of women with this over the years and certainly social media has triggered so much as we are more so interconnected and visible. On our human walk we often have powerful opportunities to breakthrough an emotional block and Soul contract for learning as a Soul. Fear is a natural emotion ( ruled by the kidneys) and is often at the forefront as we transition and evolve. There are always many possibilities as each person is unique in their cells, memories and what they are here to experience.

Fears can be coming from a physical, emotional, mental or Spiritual facet and most likely all levels, because we are a whole being. For example a ‘fear of being seen’ could begin as a thread from a small or large incident /event/ trauma that hits a core wounding we have in this current life, or it can come from an ancestral pattern that we have inherited, way back even 10, 20 or more generations. It may even be a past life unresolved matter which I find very comes up with every client session. To simply address only this life/childhood is missing vital puzzle pieces as it often multiple factors.

For example this Fear can go way back as the birth process, during the inutero stages of brain development and surrogation of a felt sense or decision relating to what is going on for the parents or other siblings. It can often relate to one or more of our Soul contract.  Fear can be our friend or our enemy, depending on how our BodyMind and Soul is responding to the situation. And often the responses are coming from not only our emotional state or memories, but our nervous system, adrenals, kidneys and brain. A sense of feeling stuck like the butterfly emerging from her cocoon as she transitions from one stage of life to another, the unknown embodiment of her grace and beauty and ultimate Freedom as a Being.

Like any emotion it is energetic in motion or not in motion, and there are many ways to address it energetically in combination with physical bodywork to help shift tension, coping and holding patterns that are built up over our lifetime. I like to go to the core and often there are layers to get to that core.

Another common thread that comes up in a lot of my sessions with women over the past few years around this subject is due to power and disempowerment. Especially karmic contracts, bindings and blocks from memories of judgement, persecution and shame in other lifetimes. These leave energetic scars and damage in the auric fields as well. The most formative years of our life is 0-4 (some say 0-7) and we form a lot of our beliefs about the world, who we are and feeling safe or unsafe.

The fear of being seen may not be about being seen, underneath into the core it may even be about being heard, enough, hurt, loved, unloved, judged, failing, shamed. It may be about being seen and being dutiful, being responsible, not making a mistake or what if we disappoint people. There are layers within layers and as we keep peeling them away, as we evolve and expand into the True essence of our Self upon our individual journeys, we learn to master the art of friending our fear and honouring it as a gift, a key.

We are in an timing in our Conscious evolution as Souls in human form where we are breaking old beliefs, not only in our feminine energy but also I having more balance of the masculine and feminine within each of us.

Sensate Me

So many factors to our current experience. Do you recommend any actions that can assist with these strong feelings while journeying through them, such as various methods of tapping or meditation?

Vanessa Sumner

A daily tapping of the BodyTalk Cortices technique is supportive for stress and emotional wellbeing. You can easily learn more about tapping.

For meditation I tend to recommend that people create daily sacred stillness – no devices, just sitting and being and listening and speaking to their Self/Soul. Meditation may also be a walk on the beach or knitting or gardening. Being present and allowing thoughts that come up. Ideally though for deep resolution of the shadows or energy blocks, a deeper introspection of what is at the core is always the best option to change the ‘story’ and ‘held memory’.



Sensate me thanks these wonderful, honouring women for their time, wisdom and commitment. We hope you take something from these musings and would love to answer your questions.

Join us on this journey for more and please don’t hesitate contact the  Sensate Circle. xx