Conversation with the Sensate Circle

We created the Sensate Circle because we believe we do not have to journey alone. We’ve brought together honouring women, who are on journeys just like yours and are committed to generously sharing their diverse skills and wisdom with you.

We provide our gorgeous community the opportunity to ask questions of the Sensate Circle and seek advice on topics that range from sensuality, pleasure, relationships to self-love and care. You can anonymously ask a question via our social media platforms or online. We will then pose the question to the Circle and share the powerful responses from our blog, email newsletter and social media.


‘What is one thought, feeling or action that would constitute a soft revolution back to self? How do we journey back to our innate selves with compassion and curiosity?’


The powerful conversation begins

Jennifer Ramsey – Intuitive business, branding and lead generation strategist

For me – one of the steps to creating the soft revolution to self has been saying yes to myself and no to others in a compassionate and loving way. This has been a big journey for me to get to this point but the liberation has been amazing. Also realising that “no” is a complete sentence and does not require further explanation or expansion.

Sensate Me

So powerful and has so much influence on each and everyday day. Beautiful thought Jennifer.


Racquel Dubois – Somatic Trauma Psychotherapist and Nervous System Specialist

I’ve been experimenting with the nature of engagement – and playing with moving towards others when my first impulse says to pull back. Understanding that first impulse may come from fear or a wound or even a habit. And then asking the question, how can I be my most authentic self and still be fully engaged with this person? How can I engage in an aware way without using awareness to distance myself? I’m conscious of the veils I use to keep myself from connection, and pondering if I can allow them to dissolve and still feel safe and have my boundary.

Sensate Me

So powerful to consciously choose the discomfort and continue the interaction, yet while still maintaining boundaries. Feeling into the possibility. Stunning Racquel!

Racquel Dubois

Thank you! I am finding it’s a continuous movement…one that has to be responded to in every moment…which of course requires more presence and aliveness. And of course, humanity.


Sarah Sadie – Certified Creativity Coach, Teacher, Writer, Poet

My soft revolution back to myself begins with breathing and connecting to breath. I can get so carried away from my own truth…by stress, by business, fatigue, my to-do-list, the needs of those around me. Just closing my eyes and taking two minutes to breathe helps me ground and remember my own authenticity, how I want to journey through life in the present moment. Learning to slow down, to savor, starts for me with a deep breath.

Sensate Me

The simplicity in this so beautiful and so immediate. The ease of having this technique accessible is transformative!


Karen Geddis – Intuitive Mindset Mentor

The soft revolution back to myself begins with the mantra, ‘There is nothing wrong with me’. Everything we perceive of ourselves that doesn’t feel like it’s come from a place of love is very likely to be untrue. Love is who we are. The soft revolution back to self is the return to love.

Sensate Me

Karen, we love this mantra. How powerful. And so true that our revolution back to self is so closely connected with our return to love of self and others.



Sensate me thanks these wonderful, honouring women for their time, wisdom and commitment. We hope you take something from these musings and would love to answer your questions.

Join us on this journey for more and please don’t hesitate contact the  Sensate Circle. xx