Conversation with the Sensate Circle

We created the Sensate Circle because we believe we do not have to journey alone. We wanted all conversation around how to cultivate more abundance to be witnessed. So we’ve brought together honouring women, who are on journeys just like yours, and are committed to generously sharing their diverse skills and wisdom with you.

We provide our gorgeous community the opportunity to ask questions of the Sensate Circle and seek advice on topics that range from sensuality, pleasure, relationships to self-love and care. You can anonymously ask a question via our social media platforms or online. We will then pose the question to the Circle and share the powerful responses from our blog, email newsletter and social media.


‘My friends and I want relearn how to love ourselves, with hints and tips that are realistic to use everyday life’.


The enlightening conversation begins

Vanessa Sumner – Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Body Talk Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Crystal Therapist

My first feeling that came when I read this question was ‘ be honest with yourself’. If we can be honest with ourself it creates a beautiful foundation to build from. Loving self is filtered with our stories, beliefs and conditionings, so I prefer to suggest to my clients to accept and to have compassion and build from that. Once we are honest with ourself we are more inclined to say ‘No’ more often and put ourself first without guilt and justification. We are more able to ask for help which I feel is an act of love.

We need to check in often, as life gets busy and full. Simple acts of love may be five minutes of stillness – simply sitting and being. Maybe it is engaging in a hobby we have put on the shelf for ‘some-day one day’ and instead enjoying it now. Eating nourishing foods that our body needs. Ultimately, nourishing bodymind and Soul is a pure act of Love.

Sensate Me

Really beautiful Vanessa, those intentional moments can provide your self with honour without needing to be large or even a long period of time.


Sarah Sadie – Certified Creativity Coach, Teacher, Writer, Poet

I so sympathise with the person asking this question…it’s hard to love ourselves wholly and gorgeously–and we deserve nothing less!

We are such broken animals with such baggage… My suggestion is to start small and be gentle with yourself. What if you bought yourself flowers? Put on a favourite lipstick or hairband just for you? Put an extra slice of lemon in that glass of water?
What if you thought of just one thing (1!) you like about yourself? What if you wrote yourself a little love note each day for five days?

And then…next level…what if you could learn to love yourself, as you are, just 5% more? How would that feel?

Sensate Me

Very true Sarah. Honouring yourself needs to be a stepped process – you can start just where you are right now, then build and cultivate more through these intentional moments.


Karen Geddis – Intuitive Mindset Mentor

In my work EVERYTHING is an inside job, so moving into a new way of perceiving yourself is very potent, and lasts forever without having to put ‘effort’ into things outside of yourself.

Sensate Me

Such a powerful practice Karen, to really focus on what it is you want to feel and experience, not leave this to chance or others.


Jennifer Ramsey – Intuitive business, branding and lead generation strategist

This question is so elemental to our existence. I have two tips. The first is to take a breath and ground yourself. Then bring the feeling of something or someone you love unconditionally in your heart. Feel the feeling, dive into it, swim in it in your heart. This is the feeling of love. Now allow it to permeate your cells and your body. Feel the feeling moving throughout your being.

Secondly – make this a regular daily practice. Step into and hold the space for these feelings at least 3 times a day. Ideally add this practice to something you do already e.g. having a glass of water. This makes the practice more habitual.

Sensate Me

Jennifer, we love the idea of incorporating a new practice into existing ones, so you build positively on your daily habits.


Emily Fong – Artist, Visual Creator

I’ve taken a while to reflect on this one because it’s huge. After initially thinking that maybe I would leave this question to the other wise women in this circle…like a big chicken…this morning I was listening to a talk by artist Maggi Hambling who I totally adore. She mentioned that one turning point in her artistic practice was when a mentor told her to make her work (art practice) her best friend. And in doing so, this meant she can turn to it with whatever she’s carrying… be that joy, rage, grief, shame, desire etc.

So my answer to this question is to highlight human multiplicity. Our capacity to be many things at once but especially our ability to hold ourselves, to catch ourselves and to soothe ourselves. Be your own best friend. Let the fierce and strong and loving part of yourself hold space for the little one. The one that will inevitably fell raw and vulnerable and scared at times. Be accepting of yourself. All of yourselves.

Sensate Me

How beautiful to own and honour all of our sacred selves Emily. To let all aspects of our selves be seen and held means we can move more fully into the next moment of our life, as life is just one moment after the next. How we treat one moment will influence the experience of the next one.


Isiah McKimmie – Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Coach

Great question! Self love is so important to how we experience the world. A simple meditation is one of my favourites for cultivating self-love. I use to do it everyday and it make such a big difference to how I felt about myself.

Sensate Me

Creating a habitual practice to honour yourself is so beautiful and will create such abundance.



Sensate me thanks these wonderful, honouring women for their time, wisdom and commitment. We hope you take something from these musings and would love to answer your questions.

Join us on this journey for more and please don’t hesitate contact the  Sensate Circle. xx