Innate capacity for rituals of joy

We are so busy. So distractible. Finding the time and motivation to create rituals of joy with honouring practices can seem hard to create, then start and sustain.

We are so used to looking for others to create soft spaces for our own unique selves. 

Our culture externalises our value and places us into categories of what we should expect for ourselves and others. This is a time where the feminine has become a commodity that is only deemed worthy if desired by another.

This externalisation of our worth means our internal sense that we have an innate capacity to honour and nourish ourselves has been long forgotten.  

Bringing the attention back to our own sacred self is vital, as the knowledge that we posses the ability of being present, with and for ourselves, is so needed in building a healthy autonomous identity.  As we then begin to feel we can truely nourish our own being, and don’t have to wait for others to do so. 

This, gorgeous one, is the soft revolution back to self. 


you are worth it

Why not be fully conscious in creating moments that nourish and honour you? 

Why not develop small honouring practices that bring you moments of joy? As these smaller moments culminate into such greater moments over time.

Why not incorporate these rituals of joy into your everyday that enable you to access more satisfaction, more often? 

Why not provide yourself with permission to feel more pleasure by accessing and honouring your holistic sensual self? 

What are the barriers to making small, yet important changes, in your life? 


embedding the ritual

Embedding rituals of joy throughout your home and practices means you just go about your day, and enjoy the pleasure from the pieces you have chosen to cultivate more for you. They become little instant reminders that you are an astounding culmination of stardust that has the right to all that you desire. 

Wonderfully, there are so many opportunities. It’s just about rethinking the ‘busy’ and coming back to ‘slow’. About questioning the standard belief that ‘big’ is better than ‘small’.  About examining how serenity can be harnessed in the ‘loud’ to then allow the ‘quiet’. 

Would you love to know more about the gorgeous ways you can create more joy? More sacred moments? So lets explore some fantastically simple examples for you. 

You may gently place your favourite natural perfume on your pulse points in the morning, which will remind you of your true essence.

Or create a moment of simply closing your eyes, breathing deeply, feeling into your sacred self, then move on with your day.

Perhaps create a modern day alter that includes pieces of natural stone, wood or crystal. Becoming your own modern day mystic.

Another beautiful way is to embed little pieces that you just adore into your interiors. It may be a candle, special book, warm throw, carved spoon or hand made ceramic bowl. Then as you glance around the room, when you go about day, your eye will catch this special piece that you have chosen to honour all of you. Your body will soften, just for a second, you will experience that lovely moment of pleasure. Then you will become activated in a simple yet profound way, and you’ll just continue, more serenely, with your day. All while savouring this beautiful reminder that you are worth simple moments of abundance, joy, peace and honour.

Maybe you can turn the end of the day bath into a sacred space just by adding bath salts or essential oils. The ritual starts when you buy the salts or oils, as you created the anticipation of the quiet honouring time, just for you. Its heightened when you decide on a specific time for the relaxing bath.  Then enjoyed when you commenced the ritual of running the bath and allowing the botanical fragrances and warm water on your skin engulf your body, creating the sensation of pleasure. even just for a few months. Breathing in the sacred moment that you have cultivated. 


back to you

All consciously created practices brings you back to the present moment.  These simple rituals embedded into your everyday creates tangle moments that allow for a deeper experience of joy and nourishment within you.  

By creating micro moments to cultivate rituals of joy, you are no longer waiting ‘until’ the right moment or time or situation or person. You are implementing practices that honour you. Because its your innate right for pleasure and honour. Just as you are. Right here. Right now. In your everyday moments.

Join us on this journey for more and let us know what rituals of joy you created for yourself today. We’d so love to hear. xx