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Wooden Rain Cup


This divine wooden rain cup means you will become surrounded by functional art and the innate pleasure this creates.


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Each piece selected and placed around the home enhance our everyday moments. As we meander through the day, we get to experience an artisans care that has been placed into the creation of each object. We become surrounded by functional art and the innate pleasure this brings.

The rain cup is such an item.  The wooden cup has been hand-carved, sanded and polished by Vietnamese artisans in a traditional craft village. In Vietnam large pots are placed outside the home to catch rain-water and these wooden cups are hung close by to scoop water for drinking.  The cup’s smooth lines mean it feels lovely in the hand.

This gorgeous piece can be used as a functional cool liquid cup, a decorative item to hold salt, pepper or spices at the dining table, or as a special space to be filled with coins or jewellery. There are many possibilities. It wont be hard to find the perfect use with this divine Tay Tao designed cup.

When this piece becomes part of your daily experience, you feel the ease and beauty that is so gorgeous to use, each and every time. This is conscious living. We are able to honour our own experience while honouring the creators. So very beautiful!

The item has been made from Rubberwood, a Vietnamese plantation timber that is ideal for hand-carving. Finished with food-grade vegetable oil and beeswax and is 15cm long, 6.5cm high and 5cm wide.


We so want this beautiful piece to be in your home for a long time to come.  There are some simple tips to keep the wood looking its best:

  • Quickly wash the item and dont leave submerged in water
  • Dry with a tea towel as soon as possible after getting damp or wet
  • Best to use mild dishwashing detergent
  • Never put the wooden piece in the dishwasher
  • Every now and then gently rub more natural wax into the wood to avoid the fibres lifting.


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