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Sisal Body Brush


Incorporating natural fibres and textures into your self care rituals creates such sacred moments in your everyday.


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When we nurture our body we nurture our being. Self care has now become such a vital aspect of modern day living. There is such a fast pace and so much busyness that we need to make purposeful time to stop. Create stillness. And nourish our divine selves. 

This gorgeous natural fibre sisal body brush will become part of your glorious daily ritual of self care. As you exfoliate your skin imagine you are shedding what no longer serves. Releasing what you cannot control. Then honouring what remains with grace and love. Let the soul whispers emerge and guide you further along in your day. 

Wonderfully, wet and dry body brushing is also a completely natural way to gently exfoliate, while increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system to help detoxification. 

Each of these hand made brushes are made from ethically in Sri Lanka and are approximately 19 cm’s long. Such a perfect size to use when creating rituals of joy in your everyday moments. 


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