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Pointed Bilum Bag


This natural fibre bilum bags are stunning for both their raw beauty and capacity to empower and support the women who create them.


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Natural fibre string bilum bags are created by hand in Papua New Guinea by women, and are deeply entwined in the daily lives of both the creators and users. The natural plant fibers are foraged in the local environment, made into twine and the weaved using the ‘bilum’ technique that is similar to crochet.  Each bag is individual, unique and takes from 6 to 8 weeks to create. How stunning is that. A true artisan piece. 

While the bilum has practical uses, each component of the bag holds much cultural significance. Bilum’s are traditionally used to carry heavier objects so the hands are free. Women often carry their precious babies in these bags.  The patterns in the bag can express elements of the local landscape, people and location. The bags are often used as status symbols and are gifted to others during ceremonies and celebrations. 

Wonderfully, the bilum bags have become widely known and adored, then purchased, by women across the globe.  This in turn has elevated the skills, status and income of the women who create these bags.  So while we enjoy the bilum’s raw beauty, we are also greatly improving the quality of life for women and girls in our neighboring country.  Girls are able to attend school and women are able to become empowered and support themselves. Often the bilum bag is the only source of income for a family. This is profoundly beautiful. This is the power of conscious consumption. And we honour you for that. 

This stunning mid toned bilum is 33 cm’s long and 48 cm’s wide, with a continuous shoulder strap of around 76 cm’s in length. Each bilum has it’s own authenticity card detailing the maker, province, fibre material and date it was made.


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