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Orange Calcite Crystal Massage Wand


Cultivate sacred moments for you with this crystal massage wand thought to amplify and enhance the existing energy in your body.


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Honouring your body cultivates rituals of joy in your everyday moments. Feelings of being empty and parched are transformed into becoming fully nourished and sated. Wonderfully, this reclamation is all in your hands, literally, with this divine crystal massage wand. 

Touch is so vital to our sense of wellbeing and so easily activated and enjoyed by this divine Orange Calcite massager.  This crystal is thought to amplify and enhance your existing energy to create holistic activation for your body. We suggest allowing your intuition to guide the choice of crystal.  Your innate wisdom is powerful. Such a stunning way to create your own sacred space which allows all of you to fully embody your own being. 

Wonderfully, each handcrafted wand has been individually chosen from ethical sources to ensure that while we honour our own experience, we also honour the creators of this gorgeous crystal. Our massagers are approximately 7 cm in length and have slight variations due to being a uniquely hand made piece.


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