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Obsidian Yoni Egg


Cultivate a deep release of energy that strengthens, tones and nourishes.


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Build strength and set an intention for powerful spiritual healing with this beautiful yoni egg. Obsidian crystal gently dispels deep feelings of self-judgement and sabotage. The root chakra is engaged to create a powerful grounding effect and release your blockages.

In Sanskrit, yoni translates as ‘sacred temple’ and refers to a woman’s vagina. Based on ancient Taoist principles of yin-yang, yoni eggs stimulate stagnant energy and promote holistic balance. Toning the lower abdomen and the pelvic and urogenital muscles and charging the circulatory system, these tools prevent the leakage of force and sensual energy, increase inner potency, relieve menstrual symptoms and cultivate awareness and appreciation of your yoni.

Contour – A drilled egg can have silk thread, hemp, or unwaxed dental floss placed in the drilled section for an assisted use of the egg. The undrilled egg has a completely rounded sphere with no surface undulations. The choice between the egg being drilled and undrilled is best considered by personal choice and experience. 

Care – When first receiving the egg and after each self care practice it will need to be cleansed by placing it in very warm water that has been recently boiled with Himalayan salt and vinegar to soak for 15 minutes, then gently washing with chemical free soap. Additionally, the egg can also be cleansed by bathing it under the gentle afternoon sun or moonlight for rejuvenation.  The egg is also best stored in the soft pouch provided.

Considerations – Please consider any preexisting conditions and consult a practitioner if you have any questions before the purchase and use of the egg.


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