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Desai Wool Throw


Add a softness and texture to your home with this divine handwoven wool throw, crafted by Indian artisans. What a gorgeous way to create your own sacred space.


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Bringing stunning artisan pieces into our homes creates such an abundance and reverence. The all natural Desai wool throw shows us how divine handmade pieces truly can be.

The Desai wool throw is crafted from the local desert sheep creating its raw texture and warmth.  Each gorgeous throw is then carefully created by the hands of master weavers in the desert region of Kutch, India. True to the Khadi process, the sheep are hand-clipped, all fibers are hand spun and woven, with the tassels on each piece finished by hand. These throws are like shawls adorned by nomadic Rabari tribespeople riding their camels during crisp, nocturnal desert crossings.

The Khadi method is one of the original processes of handspun and handwoven Indian textiles. Few weavers still practice true Khadi production today, so we are honoured to assist in keeping this tradition alive by including them in The Dharma Door collection of natural throws. Each lovely throw is 180cm wide and 100cm high.


To clean this gorgeous throw please hand wash in cool water with a gentle wool wash detergent.



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