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Coconut String Bag


Natural fibre coconut string bags that create such pleasure in our everyday moments and an income for the creators. Just stunning!



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When we are surrounded by products that are both natural and Fairtrade we create so much joy in our everyday moments. 

 The natural fibre bags are very flexible and are so easily stored folded while not in use.  But why not display this divine handmade pieces by filling them with your household items and placing them around your living spaces.  It will provide your home with such stunning colours and textures. 

These stunning handmade natural coconut fibre string bags are created by a group of Sri Lankan women that allows them to support their families. Yet wonderfully they also receive a pension when they retire.  Such an amazing long term vision for these women at the Araliya Community Company.  We can go about our day knowing we have supported the creators of this gorgeous bag, which is 42 cm’s wide and 30 cm’s high.


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