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Anxiety Body and Bath Elixir


Soothe anxiety naturally with a therapeutic blend of essential oils, botanicals, tissue salts and flower essences that restore calm and rebalance the body and mind in times of restlessness.

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This fusion of rich organic essential oils, botanicals, tissue salts and flower essences is designed to provide relief from overwhelm, unease and mental restlessness with this gorgeous elixir. The earthy undertones of cedar-wood has a grounding effect on body and mind, while the anti-inflammatory properties of fragonia lighten your spirits. Specifically formulated homeopathic and floral essences tonify the adrenals and quiet the nervous system to enable true, deep relaxation. Gently focus your thoughts, nourish your skin and restore equilibrium through a blissful bath infusion or a calming massage. Beautifully made in small batches by Alchemy In The Raw. 


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