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Balance Soap

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Rebalance your body and mind and entice the senses with this energising and deeply cleansing soap, packed with nourishing oils and all-natural fragrance.

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This deliciously aromatic soap is designed to rebalance the body and mind. The fresh, woody scents of Peru Balsam and Litsea offer clarity while citrus hints of fragonia essential oil promote deep cleansing and emotional equilibrium. Created with all natural ingredients and the finest organic olive oil, your skin will feel nourished and your senses enticed.

Each soap is traditionally hand made and cut in small batches so you can feel the love infused into every bar.  Every bar has its own beautiful variations which will remind you that it was made with such honour love to create moments just for you.

The soap is lovingly created by the Spa Beechworth within a fully eco certified, carbon positive and fully sustainable environment. Great care and attention has been given to the development of each beautifully created product.


Pure Organic Olive Oil, Rain Water, Lye, Cocoa Powder, and essential oils of Peru Balsam, Fragonia, Litsea.


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