We’d so love to share a quick, yet powerful, mindful moment with you. This ritual assists with honouring what is, while releasing what no longer serves.

Its so wonderful to take the time as this practice enables moving forward with more of you.

It’s also a beautiful ritual to slow down and reflect when there is so much busyness and competing expectations.




Let’s take some time just for you.

Are you ready to go within?

Breath. Slowly in and out.

And now begin to ponder….



What’s in your life right now that needs to be honoured. Felt. Celebrated. Witnessed.

Notice all of these thoughts that appear to find their way to you. Then surround each one with such warm nourishing love and gratitude. Allows this glow to move from your thoughts to your being and bask in the glow. Breathing. Breathing. Breathing.

Feel your inner self to soften with the delight and pleasure of this glorious abundance. Notice where in your body the glow is drawn too. Breath that in slowly and deeply.



Then gently shift focus and allow yourself to notice and consider the parts of your life and self that no longer serves. That has changed. Altered. Shifted.

And decide to release them and let them go.

When we hold onto circumstance, people and places we are full on what no longer is.

Allow these to fade away. Breath then away. Or scream them away. Mourn and grieve if you need too. But let them go.



You’ll create space for more. So much more. Of you. Life. Soul. Spirit. Breath. As they are waiting for you. Souls whispers. So patiently waiting.

We so hope you’ve loved this moment just for you. You deserve every part of it.



If you’ve a self care ritual you’d love to share with us and our community why not contact us and let us know. Its beautiful to expand our knowledge of how best to nourish our sacred selves. We also have the divine women in the Sensate Circle who are so very willing to answer any questions you may have on honouring and releasing the many facets of you.

Have a gorgeous rest of the day.

With love and grace,

Sensate Me. xx