our ways

Sensate Me is your space when seeking abundance, connection and meaning.  A place where you are welcomed just as you are. Celebrated. Honoured. Witnessed. Embodying each moment by cultivating rituals of joy. We believe in the intrinsic value of all women and want to support the sacred journey back to your innate self.  The soft revolution.  The gentle shift for more.

All of our practice is underpinned with strong ethical values around honouring the experience for all. The reclamation. The journey that allows permission for pleasure. For all women, and for all those that love and honour them too.
Sensate Me’s range and style offers an ornate simplicity that is authentically grounded in the creative artisan lifestyle. It’s organic.  Has movement. Is supple. And flows.
We share our love of nature with you.  We honour her expansive flow. Her gentle, yet powerful force for change. We see through her seasons that constant shifts occurs. We learn to honour  this presence in our lives.  Such stunning reverence and grace. We adorn our space with the expression of her botanical creations with gorgeous foliage and flowers. We adore her.  And you. Soften yourself and enjoy the divine pleasure of conscious presence. Wrap it around you and revel in the experience of more. 

Our Gift

We wish all women experience joy and pleasure in their everyday lives.  To fully inhabit moments where they feel seen and valued for all they are. Yet we know there are women amongst us whose journey has been filled with challenge.

We want to create more gorgeous moments for a women who needs more nourishing love and care. So we have decided to cultivate more abundance by offering a $100 gifting card each month.  If you know of such a women then we want to know about her. Find your way to the gifting area and let us know more about this gorgeous being.

our hope

Sensate Me was created so like-minded women would find connection and meaning within themselves and each other. To cultivate a community of thriving women who embody all of their divine selves. One of the core reasons we created Sensate Me was to create a space where like-minded community could thrive. The Sensate Circle was formed so we could share our skill, knowledge and wisdom with you. Our belief is that women are most powerful when we are journeying together. We support your soft revolution back to your innate self.

our dream

Our desire is to inspire generous and positive behaviours in those around us. We want to cultivate abundance for women while  increasing the opportunities for ethical consumption. We know that widespread social change can feel daunting. But we urge you not to underestimate the impact of your own individual actions on the person next to you and around the world. Creating connected communities and building capacity for artisans  are not passive acts. They are being part of the soft revolution back to ourselves and each other.  They are intentions that create powerful change, one decision and action at a time. We can all start somewhere, together.



Our products invite women to journey back to their own innate selves and fully realise desires that are so often lost, forgotten or concealed. It is our intention to create an online space that is inclusive, abundant and sacred. But to do this, we must consider where our products come from and the impact they will have for not only our customers, but upon the world at large. We don’t believe it is possible to honour oneself at the expense of another person. So we curated a range of stunning yet ethical products for you to create beautiful moments everyday.


We are constantly seeking out supply partnerships where products are ethically sourced, manufactured and packaged.  We also investigate how to reduce our own footprint so that our processes are sustainable where possible. We then apply the value of honouring others across all our business practices.  This includes decisions around the financial institutions we use, what electricity company powers our computers, the ingredients contained are in our products, and then how we package and deliver them to you.


To create an inclusive, abundant and sacred online space, we must examine whether our values are congruent with our processes. And where these are unaligned, we must strive to do better. We care strongly about those who make the products we sell and the conditions in which they do this. Because it is our belief that we cannot use these beautiful items to experience our own pleasure, if it is derived from the pain of others.


We are constantly exploring how to make Sensate Me a champion of ethical consumption. However, like most journeys, it is an imperfect, yet conscious, process.  We are deeply committed to responding to the needs of our global community and being aware of how our consumption affects the lives of so many people and the environment.

join us on this sacred journey for More